What’s RLOCK on the saitek x52 pro for?

What is RLOCK on the saitek x52 professional for?

Right at the bottom of the X52/Pro stick can be a silver slide switch labelled RLOCK. Pulling the switch out will cease the rudder from moving. For instance, if you’re using the controller along with the Rudder Pedals this will ensure that the 2 controls do not interfere.

How do I Activate and Examine my Profile on the saitek x52 professional?

The profile for FSX allows for a extra sophisticated button setup than the original Simulator software can provide. Save the profile to your desktop and unzip it. It must be deposited into the Saitek SD6 Profile folder. On XP that is located in Shared Documents. On Vista this is situated in Public Documents.

Now click the Saitek Controller Icon within the taskbar, the name of the profile (FSX) shall be listed in the menu. To activate it, merely left click the profile name and the Saitek Icon will flip green. To test what assignments have been made to the profile, proper click on the profile name and choose ‘Edit in Profile Editor’.

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