Saitek x52 flight management system overview

The X52 professional can be described as H.O.T.A.S system, which stands for “Palms on Throttle and Stick”, which means the person ought to be in a position to management each perform within the sport without transferring both of their fingers off the 2 controllers, and if any system is able to accomplish that, it will be the saitek x52 professional. To begin with we have a standard Joystick controller, on right here we discover two eight-Method Directional Hats, a 2-stage set off button, which activates one operate (say, the machine gun) on a light-weight click, and another (say, firing rockets) when it’s pushed in further. 4 regular buttons are included as properly, considered one of which is hidden under a missile-fashion security cowl and really changes colour from green to crimson when the cover is lifted to point it’s “reside”. A pinkie button can be included which operates as a ‘shift’ function, which effectively doubles the variety of buttons on each the joystick and throttle, add this to the mode swap on the joystick which changes the entire setup between 3 different modes, and it means every button in the entire system can have as much as 6 features, Holy Functionality Batman!! three double function toggle switches are situated on the bottom section of the joystick as effectively, it simply doesn’t stop!

So now in spite of everything that, I ask myself my original question. Is there sufficient difference to justify the extra value of the Flight System versus a standard $30 joystick? If you’re into flight video games and simulators, or you want that edge to take management, then sure, I extremely suggest it. It’s going to make your experience so much extra pleasing and provde the feeling that you are really there flying the aircraft. When you’re a casual gamer that will use it from time-to-time, then I’d go for a inexpensive flight stick.

One disadvantage I wish to point out, is that saitek x52 advertises a characteristic that you may change the LEDs from green to purple or amber. Properly this is solely possible within the software testing program and when you end the program, the LEDs return to green. There isn’t a method to change them for gameplay. Also, the color of the MFD stays green, not the alternate colors. For being an marketed feature, I would have wish to seen it carried out for actual use, especially the red, which is ideal for flight, as a result of it’s easier on the eyes. We did contact Siaitek about it via e mail and this function can be applied in a future update.


* Very easy to deal with for that edge needed in-game
* Profiles function and the power to download pre-made profiles for faster customization
* Skill to combine into video games to show data


* Marketed capacity to change LED colors are not out there to be used in the video games only in testing
* For the price, it would have been good to see a full copy of Flight Simulator X included as an alternative of the demo

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